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Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions

Why Should I choose MoneyLine Lending for my mortgage?

We pride ourselves in the quality of service that we give to every client and we work for clients by getting them the best possible rates. We also have a staff that’s best in the business and goes above and beyond just providing mortgages. During a typical phone call with one of our loan officers, you can also learn how to raise your credit score, eliminate excess debt, and always feel comfortable throughout the entire process whether you choose to purchase a new home or refinance an existing one. So when you’re ready for a mortgage experience that meets all of your needs… make MoneyLine Lending your first and only call.

How can I reduce my overall debt if I refinance my home?

By refinancing your home mortgage, you can drastically reduce monthly payments. To enhance reducing your debt, mortgage loan refinancing and debt consolidation can be performed together, making bills more affordable. This will allow you to put unpaid credit card debt, medical bills, unsecured loans and car loans together in one lower payment. Holidays are approaching, now is the time to refinance your home, consolidate debt and save. Make the move to MoneyLine Lending…we can save you money with very affordable payments!

How do I determine what is in my best interest when it comes to obtaining a mortgage?

Let MoneyLine Lending guide you through the process!  Locking in with a great fixed mortgage rate is the right action to take now. Call MoneyLine Lending, we will figure out how to save you money and in minutes you will have a personalized financial proposal. MoneyLine Lending, buying or refinancing, we are looking out for your best interest. Your Satisfaction…Is Our Best Interest!

What is happening with interest rates?

Indications are that interest rates will continue to rise for a while, so locking in a great mortgage rate is the right action to take now. Call MoneyLine Lending and we will figure out how to lower your monthly bills. MoneyLine Lending is a proven leader you can trust, we are devoted to customizing a mortgage solution specific to our needs, your budget and your lifestyle. Your Satisfaction…Is Our Success! MoneyLine Lending, we are looking out for YOUR BEST INTEREST.

What are the advantages of home ownership over renting?

Home ownership has never been more affordable and there has never been a better time to buy than right now. Your own home is a great investment, financially and socially. YOU put the money you would pay the landlord into YOUR equity and YOU host the next family barbeque. Start relaxing in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Call MoneyLine Lending, Your Direct Line to Mortgage Solutions, today or fill out our 30 second online application!